Integrated quality and environment system


The ISO 14001 standard is the international standard for environmental management systems (SGA), which helps your organization identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks, as part of their usual business practices.

EMAS is a voluntary use tool available to any organization that operates in any economic sector of the European Union or outside the European Union and that wants to assume an environmental and economic responsibility, to improve its environmental behavior, to communicate its environmental results to the society and to the interested parties in general.

The ISO 9001 is an international norm based on the management and the requirements of control of the processes destined to achieve the improvement of the same. ISO 9001 defines a quality management system based on the fulfillment of 8 principles of quality management, based in turn on the PDCA continuous improvement cycle (Plan, Make, Check, Act).

This norm focuses on the detection and determination of processes of the organization as a decisive activity for its efficient operation. The process of evaluating the compliance of the items required by ISO 9001 will be valued / audited by personnel that meets all the technical competences that the standard determines itself.


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